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منح فانير كندا Vanier Canada للدراسات العليا 2021 مقدمة من حكومة كندا (ممولة بالكامل)

أخيرًا ، الطلبات مفتوحة للتقدم بطلب للحصول على منحة Vanier Canada للخريجين 2021 في كندا و للطلاب الدوليين تقدم Vanier Canada للمنح الدراسية للخريجين ما يصل إلى 166 منحة دراسية سنويًا. منحة مفتوحة للطلاب الكنديين و  الدوليين و المقيمين الدائمين في كندا.

منح فانير كندا  Vanier Canada  للدراسات العليا 2021  مقدمة من حكومة كندا (ممولة بالكامل)

يتم تمويل منح فانير كندا للدراسات العليا من قبل حكومة كندامنح فانير كندا للدراسات العلياتتوفر جميع مجالات الدراسة في المؤسسات الكندية مثل البحوث الصحية والعلوم الطبيعية و / أو البحوث الهندسية والعلوم الاجتماعية و / أو العلوم الإنسانية.

معلومات عن منح فانير كندا للدراسات العليا

  • بلد المنحة: كندا
  • برعاية: حكومة كندا
  • المدة: 3 سنوات
  • الموعد النهائي: 16 نوفمبر 2020 تقريبًا

عدد منح فانير

166 منحة دراسية تقدم سنويًا. 

مجالات الدراسة المتاحة من قبل منحة فانير كندا للدراسات العليا

البحوث الصحية العلوم الطبيعية والبحوث الهندسية والعلوم الاجتماعية و / أو البحوث الإنسانية مفتوحة الآن للتطبيقات.

😇 لكي لا تفوتك أي فرصة  اسرع للانضمام ومتابعة وإبداء الإعجاب بنا على الشبكات الاجتماعية المختلفة. 😇

قائمة الجامعات في كندا بموجب منح فانير كندا للدراسات العليا

الجامعات الكندية مع تخصيص Vanier CGS. تحقق من قائمة الجامعات لعرض القائمة الكاملة للجامعات.

مدة المنحة

المدة الإجمالية للتمويل 3 سنوات.ماجستير تؤدي إلى دكتوراه ، فإن مدة هذا ستكون أكثر من 03 سنوات . لكن تمويل فانير هو لمدة 3 سنوات فقط.

فوائد فانير للمنح الدراسية

تبلغ قيمة المنح الدراسية 50،000 دولار / سنة. هذا المبلغ يكفي لإعطاء رسوم جامعية ، سكن ، بدل معيشة لشخص واحد للدراسة في كندا.

معايير الأهلية العامة لفانير كندا

  • مواطن كندي أو مواطن أجنبي.
  • يتم ترشيحه من قبل   مؤسسة كندية واحدة فقط ، والتي يجب أن تكون قد تلقت حصة  Vanier CGS.
  • للحصول على معايير الأهلية الكاملة يرجى قراءة هنا

الموعد النهائي

آخر موعد للتقدم بطلب للحصول على منحة Vanier Canada للخريجين 2021 من الحكومة الكندية هو 6 نوفمبر 2020

طريقة التقيدم


Application/nomination instructions

Those wishing to apply for a Vanier CGS should verify that the institution to which they are applying for doctoral studies has a Vanier CGS quota. They must then inform the institution that they wish to be considered for a Vanier CGS.

Candidates must be nominated by the institution at which they want to study. Candidates cannot apply directly to the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) program. Vanier CGS application packages submitted through ResearchNet will first be submitted to the Canadian institution that will be putting forward their nomination.

Candidates should verify institutional internal deadlines with the administrator at the nominating institution.

Candidates should read the Selection Committee Guide prior to commencing their application. This guide lists the three evaluation criteria and has useful information on how the criteria are evaluated. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships selection committees are multidisciplinary, and applications should therefore be written with a non-specialist research audience in mind.

You must also review the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion page before beginning the preparation or review of an application.

To be considered eligible for funding, candidates must attain an average score of at least 3.1 in each of the three criteria.

Competition process

Applications are initiated in one of two ways. Either: the student informs the faculty of graduate studies at the selected institution of their intent to apply to the Vanier CGS program, or the institution initiates the nomination process by contacting the desired candidate.
Applications are prepared by the student and submitted to the nominating institution by their internal deadline (set in ResearchNet by the nominating institution) using the ResearchNet application system.
The nominating institution performs the internal candidate selection process.
The nominating institution forwards recommended nominations to the Vanier-Banting Secretariat (the Secretariat) by November 3, 2020 (20:00 Eastern Time).
The Secretariat coordinates the review process.
The Secretariat presents the recommendations to the Tri-Agency Programs (TAP) Steering Committee.
The TAP Steering Committee endorses and approves final decisions for the Vanier CGS program.
Nominated candidates are notified of the competition results in April 2021.

Important notes:

Each student can only be nominated once per competition. If more than one institution is interested in nominating an individual student for a Vanier CGS, the student must choose one institution to submit their nomination. Multiple nominations will not be accepted.
Based on its quota and an internal evaluation process, the institution will forward its nominations to the Secretariat.
The institution is responsible for notifying candidates if their application is not selected for nomination to the Secretariat. The timing for this notification may vary by institution.
Students are responsible for contacting the institution for more information about selecting the appropriate federal granting agency, finding the appropriate contact person within a department/faculty, and for advice or questions related to content and how best to present the information in their application.
Application/nomination instructions

Individual application documents can be submitted in either English or French. If another language is required to express a particular idea (e.g., specialized concept), be sure to provide an explanation in French or English.

A complete Vanier CGS nomination packages includes:

A ResearchNet application form (includes two letters of reference, each with three sections)
A CCV (limited entries; please see https://www.vanier.gc.ca/en/completing_ccv.html for complete information)
Research Contributions (limit one page)
A 2 page Personal Leadership Statement (instead of a .5 page Special Circumstances document)
A Research Proposal (max 2 pages)
Project References (max 5 pages)

ResearchNet application process: general information

In ResearchNet, complete all tasks listed for the Vanier CGS application.
Preview the Full Application Package version of your application in ResearchNet, using the "Preview Application Materials" task, to ensure that your application is complete.
Print the entire application.
Save the PDF version of the entire, completed application.
Submit the completed electronic application through ResearchNet by completing the "Consent and Submit Application" task. Note: The nominating institution cannot accept your application until you complete this task.
For technical help, call 1-888-603-4178 or 613-954-1968 or email support-soutien@cihr-irsc.gc.ca from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
For program-related help, contact vanier@cihr-irsc.gc.ca.


There are two deadlines pertaining to the 2020-2021 competition:
1- Institution internal deadline: Following the student's identification in ResearchNet of the institution proposed for doctoral study (see Task 10), an additional deadline date and time will appear at the top of each page. This is the deadline by which your application must be submitted to the institution through ResearchNet. This deadline is set and controlled by each institution. You will not be able to submit your application past this precise date and time.
2- Program deadline: Institutions must forward their selected nominations to the Vanier CGS program by November 3, 2020 (20:00 Eastern Time).

Completing a Vanier CGS application

1- Visit the Selection Committee Guide to familiarize yourself with the selection criteria and how the committee will evaluate each criterion.
2- Bold text and stars indicate mandatory fields.
3- The status of all tasks must be indicated as complete in order for you to submit your application.
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